• Dwight Howard was surrounded by a group of reporters who wanted to know his plans for 2012, when he becomes a free agent. When it was pointed out that months and months of speculation preceded the Carmelo Anthony trade to the Knicks, Howard tried to deflect the question. “It hasn’t approached yet,” he said of his impending free agency. “I’m not focused on that. I have whole ‘nother season left before I can decide what I want to do, so there’s no need for me to be talking about it right now. It has nothing to do with my team right now, and I think the more and more you talk about it, it’s not fun. It’s not fun for me, it’s not fun for my teammates.  It’s not fun for our fans in Orlando who have to hear about what my decision’s going to be in two years. I think our focus should be on trying to win a championship instead of where of where I’m going to be.” When he was asked if the rainy weather in New York discouraged potential free agents, Howard said, “I’m not a free agent, so I wouldn’t know. I got a long time.”
  • Magic coach Stan Van Gundy said the media has already made up its collective mind to name Derrick Rose the league MVP, but that he believes Howard deserves the honor. “I don’t think it’s wide open,” Van Gundy said. “The media seems to have made their decision and they’re the ones who vote, so I think it’s over.” Asked to make the case for Howard, Van Gundy said: “To me, with his rebounding, his scoring and his defense, I just don’t think there’s anybody that impacts as many possessions in a game as Dwight does. I think Derrick Rose has been great. I will have no problem at all if Derrick  Rose wins the MVP. They’ve got the best record in the East; he’s been clearly their leader. You can make a great case for him. I have never been running down another guy. I think it’s a hard choice to make…but I still don’t think anyone impacts the game as many possessions as Dwight does.”
  • Asked for his opinion, Howard said: “Fans don’t lie. Derrick Rose has been playing great basketball. He’s led his team to the best record in the East. I’m not a guy that likes to talk about myself. But I think I do a lot for my team in order for us to have a chance to win every night.”
  • Knicks guard Chauncey Billups suffered a bruised left quad when he hit Howard’s knee on a pick during their March 1 matchup in Orlando. “It did set us back a little bit,” Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni said, referring to the six games Billups missed. “Looking back against Miami and Orlando, our offense was rolling…Since then we’ve been struggling.” Howard was quick to point out that, “It wasn’t my fault. Let’s get that out the way. I set a regular screen. He just happened to hit my knee. I’m not a dirty player. I’m not a dirty person. I would never try to hurt anybody on the court. That’s not who I am.”
  • The Knicks will again start Ronny Turiaf at center.
  • The Knicks will wear special “Nueva York” jerseys in honor of Latino night.

– Adam Zagoria


  1. LAKERS 3PEAT says:

    this what happens when you leave things to the media, they overhype things and deluded fans take it as the truth. i guess Stern wants to suck D-Rose’s ,more than he wants Dwight’s . oh yeah and NBA poll decides things too

    • Chi-Town Terp53 says:

      You suck! And as far as David Stern deciding who gets MVP, that is ridiculous. Derrick Rose is the reason he deserves the MVP, he has influenced people minds because of his play. He has led the Bulls who have had injuries all season long, but still have the number seed in the east and the second best record in the NBA. Who predicted that Chicago would be a top 3 team in the east? Or for that matter who would’ve thought that the Bulls would be .500 given that both Joakim Noah, and Carlos Boozer were out injured with surgically repaired hands for extended periods of time. All you haters should just give credit where it is due, and Derrick Rose has played at the level of and deserves to be MVP not because of the media or because David Stern wants him to be, but because he is down right the best player in the NBA this season, and for many going forward. Sorry Lebron, DWADE, and Chris Bosh, one or two of you should’e joined him in Chicago, now you will feel what all the great players of the Jordan ERA felt…..”well at least i’ll be an All-star and Hall of Famer” because I don’t know if they’ll see a finals as long as D. Rose is healthy and in a Bulls uniform. Oh yeah, if not Derrick Rose, Dwight Howard would be the correct choice for MVP.

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Agreed… It’s a touch choice between Dwight and Rose. They’ve both been the rock for their teams.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        Derrick Rose is a baller no doubt, i do not thing he deserves as much as everyone is saying, yes the bulls are a great team but a huge reason for that is the team defense (#1 in the NBA) if you compare stats my boy Russell westbrook is damn near a mirror image stat wise to derrick Rose yet noone is talking Westbrook for MVP, everyone is saying Rose is a runaway for it, i keep hearing excuses of “oh because he plays with KD” and For KD i hear “oh cuz he plays with Westbrook”. How the hell is James up at the top for MVP when he plays with Wade and Bosh, the bulls have a great team built around Rose, look at the comparison you will see Rose has 2 more PPG, but Westbrook leads him in every other stat line. reb, assits, steals, blocks. Personally i thing Van Gundy has a legitimate gripe here, Just like the Slam dunk Competition this year. Sold out its integrity for what? a freaking KIA commercial? seriously? i do not know what the media is doing to the NBA but i sure hate it!

  2. Freedman says:

    D. Howard…he’s a little bit dirty come-on !. Sharp elbows alone dont knock teeth out.

    • Ricky Dunn says:

      They are not talking about his techs and stuff. He gets frustrated in the game because he gets hacked so much. You don’t have to drag out that he gets techs. Thats a different topic this topic is about what the media is saying about the mvp stuff and dwight howard being a free agent in a couple of seasons. How about you stick to the topic instead of going off the subject. And with you saying that you must not watch the orlando magic games because you point out one thing of his that he struggles with and thats his anger issues.

    • MackDaddy says:

      I completely agree…. lethal elbows and dirty tricks down low are the reasons why Dwight “affects so many possessions”- as Van Gundy pointed out. He’s a good player, but MVP??? Records dont lie…. and Orlando isnt exactly dominating right now.

      • John Couch says:

        have you ever played basketball in your life? sometimes you will get hit with an elbow… and even if he did push someone out of the way, you cant really blame him.. id like to see u get smacked in face and not do anything… and as far as dominating records go, look at the boston celtics last year… 50 wins isnt exactly dominating, and they still made the finals. mvp doesnt go to the team with the best record! if that were the case then tony parker should get it… it goes to the most dominating player. d-rose or d-howard should get it, but i think it should go to dwight because he is putting up 23 points a game and he is the best defender in the league. no disrespect to d-rose, he is ballin this year, but dwight has too and he gets no respect…

  3. err yeah... says:

    “Fans don’t lie.”? I think you’ll find that you’re wrong on this one Dwight…

  4. James_Manila says:

    Only players and coaches should allowed to voye for MVP coz they are the one who really knows the game. Now it’s the media who choose the MVP.

    MVP = Media Valuable Player … =p

  5. Connenticut says:

    Dwight Howard should be consider as MVP.

  6. Gian Franco Valenzuela says:

    stan van gundy, we are not talking about how a player impacts the team, we’re talking about how a player impacts the leaugue with his team… i suggest to stan van gundy to shut up and stop talking nonsense comment,

    • the BOSS says:

      ur an idiot, go watch a basketball game before u say something stupid

    • Richard says:

      It’s True.. But let’s be real for a second. We’re talking about a guy who’s dominating in both ends of the flour. He leads his team in PPG, RPG, BPG, SPG. Dwight is averaging about 23 per game and D.Rose about 24 per game. But now on Dwight you can find your self with a player that dominates defensively. I’m not saying D.rose dosen’t diserv it, but when you look at Dwights stats.. It’s a really hard decision to make

    • Koff says:

      Really because I am sure the the Most Valuable Player award is given out to the player who is Most Valuable to their team, I may not be a Van Gundy fan but he is right Howard’s play at both the offensive end and defensive end makes him more of a complete player in my mind. Rose is the better offensive player but is still only scoring 1.6 ppg more then Howard and no one is worried that Rose is guarding them. Hes a hell of a player but doesn’t impact the game as much as Dwight

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Rose shoots something like 38%-41% in that range. I know Dwights a center so obviously his fg% is going to be higher but that should also betaken into consideration.

    • Mr T says:

      Agreed Dude Rose impacts his team his division, his conference and the league. If the Magic were 1 or 2 in the East I think Dwight would probably be in with a equal shout…Dwight didn’t really show up until after All-Star Break. The media and fans have decided to “give” it too rose because he’s been the only consistant player throughout the league from day one…when the other 2 of his “big 3″ were down, he helped the Bulls keep rolling, even more so with the return of Joakim and Booze’.

    • Chi-Town Terp53 says:

      @Gian Franco Valenzuela, you are absolutely correct and i couldn’t agree with you more. Derrick Rose impacts the Bulls game, in which impact the eastern conference in which impacts how the media views him, as well as his peers and opposing coaches who all share the same sentiments…..Derrick Rose is this years MVP!

    • Lawrence_Manila says:

      BRAVO!=) clap clap

    • hahahah says:

      Well if you say it’s about a player who impacts the league, then you’re still wrong. This year, you could compare it to Mike brown’s COTY. Cause Mike benefited from Lebron. This year Rose benefited from Thibs. The bulls are good because of Thibs defense. If they’re good because of Rose, they shouldn’t be a below-average offensive team. Cause that’s what Rose do. He commands the offense.(In which he holds the ball like 70% of the time. And will eventually chuck the ball.) Rose doesn’t do much on the defensive side. So yeah, the bulls impacts the league because of thibs defense not because of rose. And we all know that SVG always quote for the truth.

    • AirCongo says:

      When did this change take effect? How a player impacts the league with his team? Or “leaugue” as you call it.

    • Randolph says:

      your a dam fool that is what the MVP is Most Valuable Player of the league but essentially there team!!! with out D.Howard Orlando would be done he leads in points, rebounds, blocks & he’s there defensive player that contains all activity in the paint so he clearly effects everything they do so he definetly is a valid MVP canidate, it just so happens that D.Rose is having a hell of a year also! it reminds me of when Steve Nash won his second MVP in a row K.Bryant had a killer year where he was on a tear getting all those 40pt games but hey thats what it is.

    • John Couch says:

      wow! mvp is all about how a player impacts the team! u can average 40 points 15 rebounds and 10 assists per game, but if your team doesnt make the playoffs you should not be mvp, cause you were not good enough to win. its not all about winning but if you dont impact your team on offense and defense like a kobe does or d-howard does, then your team will never be a championship contender and you will be no better then a vince carter and you will never lead your team out of the second round. so i suggest you shut up

  7. arnie says:

    Fast don’t lie !!! Dwight and Coach Van Gundy should get an award for complaining.

  8. Kevbro says:

    Pretty straight forward to me. D-Rose being carrying his team and when they have had injuries they still knocked the top teams over. I think Stan trying to shift the focus that they now sit 4th with Chicago leading the conference. Not rocket science. Magic loose a couple of their supporting cast they would be lucky to stay in the top 8.

    • MackDaddy says:

      Yep…. if Howard wants MVP, he needs to earn it. His definitely the MVP of his team, but MVP of the entire league?? Not unless your team is winning against the best- which Orlando is struggling to do.

      • John Couch says:

        last year the magic beat the top teams and dwight wasnt really considered for mvp. the year before they beat the good teams and made the finales dwight wasnt considered for mvp. this year the magic are 46-26 and they are 8-10 against teams with a better record then them, which could be better but isnt terrible, what else does dwight have to do?

    • Randolph says:

      Come on people there is no denying D.Rose is gonna win the MVP race but it is definetly a race between him and Howard stop the madness! if you take D.Rose off Chicago and keep Boozer & Noah healthy they wouldn’t be the 1 seed right now maybe they would be battling the bottom 6-8 teams! lets be REAL!! Same goes for Orlando without D.Howard his game has improved to the point offensively he is the factor to open the floor for the shooters and he is the harness for there defense! its just that D.Rose is HOT right now at the most important part of the season but 29 straight double doubles and counting is to shabby

      • todd says:

        i disagree on one point with you RANDOLPH. yes, without rose i’m sure boozer, noah, kyle korver and the very underrated luol deng could take them to the playoffs. if you take dwight howard off his team the magic will be competing with the cavaliers, kings and wizards for the worst record in the league. dwight has long been the most underrated player in the league. he’s by far the biggest defensive force in basketball and now with 23 ppg and the best field goal percentage in the league he is also one of the best on offense. and you can’t just judge him by 23 ppg, others score more but not many others open up their teammates on offense like he does, so he’s a major force on offense as well. throw in almost 15 rebounds a game and his game is unreal, i don’t think anybody matches up as having an overall impact. don’t get me wrong, i love ROSE and would be happy for him if he won it at such a young age, but i just think dwight deserves it more. but if people aren’t appreciating him now he’ll make them pay for it in 2012 when he has his pick on playing alongside a hall of fame playmaker in either deron williams or chris paul. think about a few years ago when chris paul put tyson chandler and david west in the allstar game, now picture dwight being the recipient of his pinpoint alley oops. could be the greatest inside-outside combination in league history.

  9. Odogg23 says:

    The media has been doing the MVP voting since 1981, Stan has a point.

  10. JOSHUA says:


    • AirCongo says:

      That’s what MVP is for. This season. It doesn’t have anything to do with last season or next season. Why wouldn’t we consider this season when we’re talking MVP for the season?

      • gelo says:

        joshua’s comment is very funny. Next time make sure to think first before making a comment =)

    • Ian says:

      MVP is for the player who having the biggest impact on his team that season. So Rose deserve MVP, Howard had a good season too, but Rose has done better. Howard’s team has for the most been healthly. Rose got and kept the bulls in the top in the east without Boozer and Noah. If the Magic lost J.Nelson and J-Rich or Turkgou, the Magic would have a hard time staying in the Playoff. Rose is MVP no contest!
      1.Derrick Rose
      2.(Distant Second) Dwight Howard
      4.Kobe Bryant
      5.LeBron James

  11. Ventruck says:

    I’m usually in agreement with Stan, but what were the Bulls before Rose came? You could say he revived the franchise. As it is, the question to “who can beat the Bulls?” – not Magic, or even Celtics – is starting to loom,

    Yeah, Dwight is leading the Magic and the difference between the team winning and losing, and losing and losing badly, but he hasn’t sparked them like Rose did to the Bulls. Last I checked, Arenas is still a bit sloppy, and their losses can be rather silly – so it’s not like Howard actually pulled the team together, just the numbers. Not to join the bandwagon, but Rose has been blowing up this whole season. No one has stepped their game up as much as him or made their supporting cast of non-All Stars look that good. That difference is what makes me put Howard in second – solid second if anything.

    • Randolph says:

      agree he (D.Howard) is second because of D.Rose play as the season is winding down because D.Howard has been just as consistant not to mention he did revitalize the Magic remember he was a lottery pic to a bad Orlando team! D.Rose came to a Bulls team that was rebuilding and had some peices Noah, Deng, (B.Gordon) (K.Hinrick) they made some changes (J.Paxson) & put the team in a different direction its not just Rose also the addition of Kover,Brewer, Boozer
      so lets not be silly and suggest its just the play of Rose they have multi demensional players there! In difference to Orlando Who has Streaky Shooters who have Defensive Liabilities!

      • Bj says:

        And Dwight hasnt been as consistent as D. Rose..he didnt even really start havin a MVP type season until the new year hit..D.Rose been doin it the whole yr while Noah and Boozer been hurt

    • Bj says:

      The Celtics have beaten the Bulls so u prolly shouldnt say that

    • John Couch says:

      are your really saying the magic and celtics cant beat the bulls? i mean i do not like the celtics and would like to see them lose but im not stupid enough to say they cant beat us or the bulls. the celtics and magic are championship contenders. both teams can beat the bulls in a playoff series.

    • hahahah says:

      Again, i would say it. The bulls are overachieving this year because of thibs’ defense. If rose is carrying this team, it shouldn’t be a below-average offensive team. Cause that’s D.rose job being the offensive anchor of the team. Compare this, remove dwight from the Magic, the Magic defense from being one of the best to nothing. remove D.rose, bulls defense still there. Offense would also go down for both teams, but it doesn’t really matter. The bulls is already a below-average offensive team.Like i said at the other post. Mike brown won the COTY cause of lebron. And it could go the other way around with Rose getting all the credit from thibs. Yes, D.rose had his game another level. Give him the MIP, wtf. Or better yet, make an Offensive player of the year award. Because that’s how the MVP award is being recognized as.

    • todd says:

      again rose has been great, but Chicago’s GM has a good deal to do with the Bull’s success as well. they are solid from top to bottom when healthy, and a healthy LUOL DENG has alot to do with their success, he’s as underrated as they come. joakim noah is a defensive stopper and one of the top rebounders in the league, boozer is always is an allstar, they got the 3 point specialist in korver, a defensive stopper in brewer, solid back-up big men in taj gibson, kurt thomas and the foreign big man, i can’t recall his name. this team is solid top to bottom, as solid as anybody in the league. orlando relies on dwight howard to open up all facets of the game for his teammates, the only other team i can compare to being dependent on one allstar to win is maybe the hornets with chris paul. man i hope they team up somewhere in 2012. take 2 of the top players in basketball for making teammates better and put the together and it would truly be magical.

  12. Wasn't going to post says:

    Until.. i read Gian Franco Valenzuela comment.. your comment just.. made absolutely no sense.. how a player impacts the league with his team ? lmao.. is the most valuable team award.. or most valuable player.. ? last time i checked.. it was ” MVP “. Anyway.. SVG is obviously going to.. point out that D. Howard should have a chance at winning MVP.. thats his player why shouldnt he root for him.. and yeah D. howard should be considered.. considering the Magic wouldn’t even make it to the playoffs without him.. but D. Rose is going to win this year if by the end of the season the bulls are the No. 1 seed in the east.. considering where they were last year.. and obviously the bulls would suck without rose.. even though they have a better chance of making the polices IMO then the Magic without their superstar player.

  13. Sunsman says:

    @ James_Manilla….. well said. The NBA is about image and sales…. media darlings and as much controversy as possible. “Superstars” are the NBA, yet funny how Denver can trade a “top 5 player” according to so many experts and actually do better and playing better ball than previously. Points = highlights = sales = dollars. Hence the media will vote in Rose which in my mind is the right call, but the media is voting for the wrong reason.

    However, without the media and the dollars etc the NBA wouldn’t be able to put a product out there in the first place. So maybe we have to take the good with the bad.

  14. Wasn't going to post says:

    wtf i said polices.. i meant bulls have a better chance to make the playoffs lol

  15. Wasn't going to post says:

    I mean bulls have a better chance of making the playoffs without D.Rose then Magic have a chance without D.howard

  16. D ROSE says:

    Derrick rose deserves the MVP Award no one played as he does right now and the way he just bring so much energy and efficency to the court i hope derrick rose wins mvp he deserves it this season was ridicoulous for him improved 3 point shot and all around game he can do anything

  17. MARK says:

    Derrick Rose#1 MVP

  18. triptin says:

    as long as it is ether howard or rose im happy but with the bulls at the top of the east and the way rose has became the face of the nba.looks like rose takes it this year.

  19. Dylan says:

    Derrick Rose definitely deserves the MVP award. He is the only person besides MJ to be in top 10 in scoring and assist., hes lead his team to top of the east and sweeped a great team like the Miami heat.

  20. I'm Da Man says:

    And so i guess the media gave Rose the top record in the East just so he could be MVP right?

    Stewie Wonder could see the talent that Derrick Rose has.

  21. andyboy says:

    thats true let the players and coaches decide….im not a laker fan or a kobe fan but last years fight for the mvp should have gone to kobe all the way…lebron is great but media hype helped him to take the mvp:)

    • Bj says:

      Why? Lebron had the best overall stats and his team had the best record..u see the Cavs now rite?..and I dnt even like Lebron..but he deserved the year before no it shoulda went to D.Wade…How can u jus give it to Kobe when he has a guy like Pau Gasol who would deserve as much as Kobe..and the only reason u say Kobe is cause he averages 25 plus points..If Gasol never went to the Lakers they wouldnt have 2 championships

  22. Dan says:

    I can’t say I have a problem with anything being said by any of these guys except that it’s good to see a player stand up to the media, for once, when it comes to his playing future. It should be his choice where he plays and he should be left alone to make that choice. He shouldn’t be hounded by these guys 24/7 unless that’s what he wants of course.

    As far as D Rose being MVP, he deserves it, plain and simple. The other guys have played well also but there can only be one, well actually you can have joint winners………. just a thought!

  23. Stop Hatin' says:

    Derrick Rose is having a tremendous season. And once again, his team is #1 in the East. You cannot–I repeat, CANNOT–say that they would’ve been close to the top without him. Orlando’s sitting on a 4th seed I think. Last year, weren’t they 2nd? Dwight Howard is having a better statistical year, especially offensively; but Derrick Rose has carried Chicago to the elite when people were saying the Bulls were going to contend for the 4th or 5th seed. Orlando had high expectations for one of the top 3 seeds, and clearly, they will not attain any of those spots.

    • Randolph says:

      a total of 1-2 wins and 1-3 loses separate the 1-3 seeds in the east not like D.Rose & the Bulls are Running away with the WEAK eastern Conference! lets be real people. The Orlando Trade is still a Little confusing in how it changed the team they could have probably contended more as far as Wins with the same roster from last year but they made changes so being (51-19)Bulls (50-20)Celtics (49-22)Miami (46-26)Orlando isnt the determining factor for this years MVP its more of Rose has increased his Game has a better jump shot than last year or year one in the league also his play as a PG as improved on but ends! for Howard he has improved his Offense and he as become a little better at hitting the free throws during close games, His Defense is whats expected from a Defensive player of the year! with that said lets not take away the fact that the MVP award is a yearly award meaning this years MVP is not a guaruntee for next year!

      • Bj says:

        Randolph..obviously they made the trade for a reason..Dwight didnt start producing until after that trade happen…so as far as them gettin better i dnt think it help but it sure helped his statistics rite?

    • hahahah says:

      Thibs’ D carried chicago to the top. That’s why they’re on of the best at D. Rose did nothing to their below-average offense. Oh and expectations, it came from the media right? You don’t base it on expectations.

      • hahahah(at you) says:

        again you strike again with no background information on basketball, take some time watch a bulls game, then come back. Thibs is not the one on the court… how can you ever say that a rookie coach alone took a #8 seed team that had 8 new players this year is soley responsible for the sucess. Any person who has been watching the bulls or at least been keeping up with them knows that the team would be no where probably not even in the playoffs without rose(boozer and noah injured for much of the year).

  24. MoFo233 says:

    shut up,d rose might be good but d howard impacts his team and the league more,the media makes up stories to make the Bulls look good, they are good,but no one has a better all-around game than LeBron,many may hate LeBron but now I know he is the best player in the league today.No Offense.

  25. hatersgonhate says:

    okkkkkkk….i know all this talks about Dwight and D-Rose…..
    But let’s be serious here…The obvious choice for MVP is ‘The King’ Lebron James!
    You guys can hate all you want but he is the best player in the NBA and the Heat would struggle to make the playoffs without him leading the team. I do agree D-Rose may be helping the Bulls alot..But look at his FG% compared to the rest of the elite in the NBA and his is much,much lower.

    • val says:

      true true im a LeBron fan from Chicago…but d rose does deserve MVP cuz bulls were # 8 in the east last year and now they’re # 1..However,,,Finals MVP is much better and LeBron will win that

    • Bj says:

      hatersgonhate how would the Heat struggle to make the plaoffs when they been the 4th or 5th seed the past 2 yrs and stats cleary show the Heat are better when D.Wade and Lebron are not playing together..that was a really retarded statement

    • John Couch says:

      lebron is very good but howard and rose are playing better then him this year

    • OKCKD35 says:

      LaQueen shouldnt have even won last year MVP, My boy KD, youngest scoring chamion in NBA history (about to repeat) and he gets snubbed again, Miami would be a playoff team with LaQueen, oh yeah didnt he just get shut down when OKC came into miami and kicked the heats butts by 11? Didnt KD score 29 and LaQueen 19? Didnt KD also have more rebounds, assists, and steals than LaQueen, not to mention shot 10-15 with Laqueen “trying” to D him up, we have all seen LaQueen cannot cover a jab step from a real scorer!

  26. WTF says:

    Dwight deserves to be called MVP but not this season. Derick Rose is this year MVP…

  27. katew says:

    ah yes, written with a snarky attitude. ” Howard was quick to point out that, “It wasn’t my fault. ” You wrote this as if, no it was his fault but Dwight isn’t a man enough to admit it. If Dwight did it on PURPOSE he would man up to it. Geez, Van Gundy is right. The media, and ESPN with your Heat Index, isn’t that swaying people about a team in particular? It is obvious this year, James is kinda in the dog house so we aren’t hearing about him all year, Blake is the darling so we have to hear all about him and then there is Rose who is the rose in this love fest bouquet. Howard has from day one had a huge brand on his forehead. You didn’t like him to smile, so he doesn’t smile as much, there are zillions of reasons why the media and their big brother, NBA bias this sport. I have given up long standing season tkts cuz the NBA and media outlets just like yours, bias this sport and it is too expensive for me to pay and watch bias in action.

  28. John says:

    It would be a shame to see the MVP award go to a player with such a poor FG%. This league should not advocate ball hoggers.

  29. xavier says:

    If the media controls the MVP I’m fine with it. But this isn’t like TMZ media, our media is made up of former coaches, NBA commentators who have been around the league for 20+ years, and former players. So if Jeff Van Gundy, John Barry, Jalen Rose, MICHAEL JORDAN, Scottie Pippen, Marv Albert, Mike Fratello, and say D-Rose is the M.V.P, then yes the media does control who gets it.

  30. val says:

    who cares if D. Rose wins MVP….NBA Finals MVP is what really matters…I’m from Chicago but still think Miami will be the best team in the Playoffs and LeBron will hold up that Finals MVP trophy

    • Bj says:

      I wonder how many times u said that about Lebron when he was wit get outta here dude

      • val says:

        ur rite i said that 2 years in a row and was wrong….thats what happens when ur # 1 in the east look at cleveland..they thought they were the best and no one can beat them at home..i hope bulls dont feel that way…i would like to see the bulls win becuz im from chicago but i just dont see it…u saw last years cleveland vs boston..lebron gave up on cleveland i doubt he’ll do that with his new team heat

      • hahahah(at you) says:

        Seriously, dont break your leg hopping off the bandwagon next year

      • Sunsman says:

        @ Val….. thing is if Lebron tried to quit on Heat, Wade would kick his sissy A$$!!



  32. watson says:

    Some of you say that D12 should be the MVP because of the better stats, and that he is the best player on his team and the overall team record shouldn’t count. If so, then tell me why Kevin Love or Blake Griffin can’t be the MVP this year???
    Simple as it is: Bulls – 1st seed in the East so far (hope it stays that way), 2nd best record overall, Rose just taking all responsibility on his shoulders. Where would the Bulls be without him, when Boozer and Noah and even Gibson were sidelined with injuries? With all due respect to the other players and to Thibbs I think they would be around 6th-8th seed in the Eastern Conference now.
    And I’m not afraid to say the Bulls will play in the finals this year (and if it’s not the Lakers as their opponent, they will be the champs again).
    Go Bulls!

    • John Couch says:

      mvp goes to a player whos impact gives his team a chance to win every game, and dwight howard does that. so does d-rose which is why we are talking about him winning the mvp. so if both players are giving there teams a chance to win night in and night out, then you have to look at who is having a better season, and i think that is howard.

  33. bigboy11 says:

    i think Chicago would still be good without rose just because of how they play

  34. Mike says:

    ball Hogger??!! John, have you ever watched a bulls game? I was at the bulls v miami last month and james lost the game for them because he was a ball hogger in the crucial moments. rose was the exact opposite and thats why the team won. Look at rose’s assists if you aren’t going to watch games!

  35. No ball hogers? says:

    Then take away LeBrick James’ award.Take away Jordan’s, take away Kobe’s one MVP trophy, take away Magic’s, take away Bird’s. If you have the ball most of the time, while on the floor, it’s for a reason.

  36. ChiTown23 says:

    Who cares about the MVP, it’s about the titles. As a longtime Bulls fan, let me remind everyone that Jordan only won 2 regular season MVP awards. Wrong and hard to believe, yes, but no one cared — least of all Bulls fans. LeBron and Dwight can have all the MVP awards they want. We’ll take the rings — and so will D. Rose, gladly.

  37. GlobalAtlGuy says:

    Is MVP age related? How come Kobe is not being considered for MVP anymore? All other Lakers have been inconsistent, Bynum has played well in 15 games or so. Gasol was considered soft even by his own coach. Artest has only started palying well. The only consistent performer for the Lakers all season has been Kobe, and they are on the verge of having the best record now. The lakers were so inconsistent, they talked about a big trade just a month ago. Everyone has forgotten that. The bulls have good players. Boozer and Noah are all-star caliber players, and Deng has always been a very solid player. Derrick Rose has played at an MVP level, but I would have to say it shd be Kobe and D-Howard on top, then Lebron and D-Rose right behind them.

  38. GlobalAtlGuy says:

    Sorry… i meant on the verge of having the second best record. The spurs will take the best record in the entire NBA

  39. MST1328 says:

    Hey guys D.Rose extensively deserve the MVP a Laker fan and i agree even Kobe will be a runner up but i still consider him next to D.Rose just put away Howard on that level Lebron,wade and others are far away better than Dwight..Stan just accept the hype, media,players,coaches and league will definitely choose D.Rose one more for me Bulls will tear down Celtics & the trio of Heat..Chicago east champion………….

    • todd says:

      sorry, but nobody in the entire NBA is far better than dwight howard. take his name and the names of kobe, lebron,durant, at the present moment d-rose, at other times wade and Cp3, and put all those names in the hat and pick a best player in the nba out of that, it’s that close between the top players.

  40. Navo says:

    DERRICK ROSE DESERVES THE MVP! Have you seen him play? My god, he stepped up his game so much. He made the bulls the #1 seed in the east. The last game he played he went for 30 points and 10 assists. He went 6-8 from the 3 point line. He has become a clutch player. Out of LeBron James, D Wade, Kobe, D Rose. I would trust D Rose. Take D Rose away from the Bulls and they will lose every game. Derrick Rose is looking for that tittle. Honestly, Bulls can get it. A healthy Boozer and Deng. That team will go far in the playoffs. I want to see Thunder vs. Bulls for the finals. That may not happen but Durant deserves to be their also. As for Dwight. He stepped up his game so much from last year. But derrick Rose gets the MVP. Lets go Bulls, Thunder, Magic. Those are my teams for the playoffs. Hate all you want.

  41. George says:

    I honestly think that Howard deserves the mvp. Derrick Rose has had a great year but dwight has a much greater impact on his team and the game. Howard greatly impacts not only the offense end but the defense side as well. To me mvp should go to a player who can play as good defensively as they can offensively. A player that without them their team would just be like any other regular team.

  42. charles says:

    Dwight Howard is overrated,
    Hit Some free throws
    Learn some real post moves.
    Van Gundy needs to quit bitching about absolutely everything. The world isn’t fair.
    Nuff Said.

  43. Jolan says:

    I don’t like rose much (he is really good obv.) but even i can say he deserves the MVP award this year. Keeping his team at the top of the ranks all season while battling injuries two boozer and noah, he carried the team on his shoulders all year. If you go by stats, howard gets it hands down. Rose’s points have to be inflated somewhat with the injuries.

  44. hahahah says:

    They should just call it the Offensive player of the year. And give it to someone that doesn’t even have an impact on the team’s offense. D.ROSE

  45. alex says:

    dwight cant say hes not a dirty player when he flails his elbows all around like hes trying to hit a fly on every rebound, he also needs to stop crying when he gets fowled, he plays center…. sorry if they’re not going to let he terrible free throw shooter get an easy dunk, he needs to get over himself and stop thinking everyone in the NBA is out to get him, they’re not, they play hard and don’t let you get easy dunks, so stop crying, chill out with the elbows and play the game, and as far as van gundy goes, derrik rose affects the game alot more than dwight does, rose can do it all alone dwight gets a ton of rebounds and puts up points but he doesn’t make his team better the same way drose does

  46. J.R. says:

    Rose all the way!! i couldn’t imaging a guy who has a lot of technical fouls this season can win something? then the NBA would be sending the wrong message right?

  47. andrews says:

    Dwight for MVP!!!!!!!!!!! all i have to say is that he is having an outstanding season

    • andrews says:

      OH and if you saw a game from Orlando you would see how much he affects every possession. for example on the offensive end he grabs offensive rebounds and scores and on the defensive end he blocks shots, steals and affects how other players get to the rim. Oh and i forgot you should remember that he also creates shots for his players because of all those double teams he draws. that’s why i think Dwight should be the MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. ally says:

    i agree with you hundred percent

  49. nbaboy says:

    lebron should but hes not drose is gona

  50. Fan says:

    D-Rose deserves to be MVP because of his contribution towards his team. Bulls are 1st in the east while the Magics are 4th. D-Rose has been the front runner for the award through out the season while Howard’s name has only started to pop up after the new year. Not to mention D-Rose has also carried his team during the 4th quater and he has faced All star calibre players ( Paul. Williams, Westbrook, Nash, Rondo) and came out top. Howard has been the most dominant big man this season but really what other players would you consider as a top center? Of course hes going to domiant the paint because theres no other top calibre centers in the league that comes even close to being mention. This era of basketball is dominated by point guards and D-Rose has proven he is the best point guard by beating them. There aren’t any centers in the league that you can name that are outstanding expect for howard while the list of outstanding point guards stretches to maybe 5-6 and D-Rose has been the very best calibre players in his postion while leading his team to 1st in the Eastern Conference as well as being clutch when needed :)

  51. john says:

    where were the bulls last year they still had drose but only won 25 games now they get a bunch of players in trades like booser n korver n watson all been playing pretty well with ou those guys bulls and drose would be 6th or 7th maybe 8th seed dwight on the other hand is the real canidate for MVP has dominated offensively and defensively. with out dwight magic wont even make playoffs bulls without drose will be 6th or 7th seed but the same if they didnt get the players they got this off season so in my eyes and every coaches eyes the player to imact there team the most in the league is clearly dwight howard the MVP should clearly be DWIGHT HOWARD if u know about basketball you would know this i mean come on now bulls with out drose make playoffs magic without dwight no playoffs enough said

  52. john says:

    bulls are not at top because drose alone buddy even when booser was out he had dang and noah n new players from the trades and when noah was out he had booser and dang still and all the players from the trades korver watson brewer all playing well sooooo if you know about basketball you would know that drose does not impact a team more then dwight howard does PERIOD

  53. Dopstad says:

    I would say the mvp goes to the one in the nba with the greates stats this season or the best player, which would probably be lebron james

  54. Joey says:

    I honestly prefer Rondo over Rose, his passing game makes his teammates so much better.

  55. Nicole says:

    All of this talk about who should be MVP does not matter………..Is it the playoffs yet?

  56. CAVMAN says:

    Cleveland welcome Howard…..
    GO CAVS……

  57. rank says:

    i like the bulls now. i also like d-rose. 1st half of the season, d-rose isnt getting any calls. he was just average in FT attempts. NOW, after all the media hype, he handles the ball way too much (which i think is just ok) BUT clearly his FT attempts is more than the 1st half.. the refs are calling it now?

  58. jajb says:

    it havent been just a rose stuff that chicago became such a good team boozer and noah been off the court a lot but what about the other the bench, the role player good 3-point shooter great job cutting to the basket good all-around shooters great defense and that mentality of give it all in the court . bulls are a great TEAM! i think its thibodeau merit he made it a great team ….Rose has been his consistent star… and many teams has that

  59. jajb says:

    btw howard has been a BEAST on court getting those late off rebound adding to his offense been efficient in close game at offense not to mention the defense (dpoy no freaking doubt) …but most important when orlando looses i cant blame him cuz in many of those L(too many) he had put HUGE numbers and trying to wake his team up been a great leader and the most consistent all-star at the moment

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