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  • Bernie Bickerstaff, who has taken over as interim coach of the Lakers after Mike Brown was fired earlier Friday, said he was “shocked” to learn of the dismissal. “In 40 years, I haven’t seen that,” said Bickerstaff, who gave Brown his first opportunity to coach when both were in Denver. He said the Lakers were “ahead of the game” in their development of a new Princeton-style offense. He said he “consented” to take over for Brown while a permanent replacement is sought and plans to keep things simple. “I’ll try to win the game,” he said.
  • Warriors coach Mark Jackson said he might employ the “hack-a-Dwight” plan like he did last January, when Lakers center Dwight Howard attempted an NBA record 39 free throws — making 21 — in a 117-109 victory by the Magic. “The law of averages says, foul him,” Jackson said. Howard is shooting 50 percent from the line through five games this season, up from the 49.1 percent he shot last season.

– Dan Arritt


  1. Omar says:

    If they utilize Steve Blake for shooting 3’s and not facilitating the offense things would have been a lot better for the team. Steve can’t play defense “sorry” He’s afraid to attack the basket and in the Clippers game Chris Paul made him look like a high school defender. Phil Jackson can get this team attention, To much talent to waist with Mike Brown. Points is up from last year but the defense is horrific. Guys questions each other every time down the court. No preseason wins says alot about the lack of communications,work ethic, pride and understanding of the overall goal of this team. Kobe Bryant needs to facilitate more because if not he want be playing in the latter part of the season on those old wheels. Be wise, use your talent and experience to your advantage.

  2. RgR says:

    Ever hear of getting into a rhythm ? Random free throws here and there average to 50%, but let him shoot 20 in a row he’ll more then likely hit above 10, Another stat you may want to consider, a team shooting 50% from the field is a GOOD percentage, at Howard’s percentage, you are gaurenteeing 1 point per possession which is 50%, assuminig he does NOT get into rythm, your team will not always score after he misses freethrows.

  3. I can’t believe Mark Jackson will resort to that . He is a very good coach to employ such a tactic. That’s usually used by desperate, unprepared coaches with no talent that needed a win to keep their job. He must not have confidence on his players.

  4. Brad says:

    This “strategy” slows the game, contributing to a long and boring experience for fans. It often backfires. This should be eliminated by calling an intentional foul(what it actually is), 2 foul shots and possession of the ball! What real coach would chance this ridiculous breach of the rules and spirit of the game of basketball?

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