• LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Mario Chalmers will miss tonight’s game for Miami. James tweaked a right hamstring in New Orleans on Friday, Wade sprained an ankle in Chicago earlier in the week and Chalmers also picked up his injury before coming to San Antonio. Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said each player is day-to-day.
  • Spoelstra said the team’s move to keep its two megastars out against the Spurs in San Antonio had nothing to do with the approach Spurs coach Gregg Popovich took Nov. 29 when the Spurs kept its three megastars Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili in San Antonio rather than play in Miami. The Spurs were fined $250,000 by the league for that move. “I can see where you guys would draw those conclusions, but no,” Spoelstra said. “Things happen. This was unforeseen. Dwyane retweaked about every minor injury he’s had and LJ obviously tightened up his hamstring and I didn’t put him back in the fourth quarter (in New Orleans).”
  • The Heat will start Norris Cole, Mike Miller, Rashard Lewis, Chris Bosh and possibly Udonis Haslem. Spoelstra said it’s possible Haslem will not play because of a bad foot.
  • When asked if he understood the Heat’s caution with its star players, Popovich feigned surprise: “What do you mean? What kind of (bleep) is that? You kiddin?’ What a bunch of rummies. They’re doing that? Who would think of something like that? That’s below the belt. There’s no place for that kind of stuff. It is what it is. The motivation for it, you guys figure it out. It would be a great article.”
  • Popovich turned serious when reminded the Heat had a letdown when the Spurs showed up in Miami with their reserves and almost won, losing 105-100. “It happens all the time in the NBA,” he said. “No matter how good a team is, no matter what the team’s record is, there will be to some to degree a letdown mentally. I won’t know a damn thing until I get on the court and see if we respond the way we should respond. We gave them a hell of a game in Miami and I totally expect them to give us the same kind of game here even thought their stars, quote unquote, aren’t playing.”
  • Manu Ginobili will miss more than a week for the Spurs after he strained his right hamstring on Friday in the 104-102 victory over the Clippers. It could keep him out into the playoffs, Popovich said. “It’s a huge blow for us because he’s the guy who allows our second team to do what it’s been doing all year long,” Popovich said.

– Tim Price


  1. David Stern says:

    Heat doing what the spurs did to them back in their home lol

  2. adam says:

    hahaha, in your face papavich

  3. Bilbo Baggins says:

    They are just trying to rest their players…making it unfair for everyone who plays them. Just because you clinch the first seed doesn’t mean you gotta lose.

  4. I bet they would’ve played if the streak was on

  5. Toro says:

    very good move by coach Spo, time for Rashard to gain some minutes

  6. NBAFanatic13 says:

    whew.. too bad…

  7. Tom says:

    This is too much of a coincidence, Pop gets fined for being honest whilst Spo gets away with this??

  8. Rabassa says:

    Unfortunate, but legit.

  9. cj says:

    major payback for heat fans who were denied seeing the spurs’ main stars go up against lebron and co. earlier in the season

  10. cedric says:

    probably…these players are meant to wage war on june…

  11. Bruce says:

    So will David Stern fine the heat this time?

  12. dbuuurns says:

    This is BS and obviously a reaction to what the spurs did earlier in the season vs the Heat.
    I hope the League Fines them JUST like they did the Spurs

  13. Max says:

    $250K Rest for injuries? Micky won’t be too happy about that.

  14. Prakash says:

    This is so frustrating…

  15. ish says:

    Yeah, really, its called resting players before the playoff’s yet I bet heat wont get fined a single sent for doing it as they claiming injury’s, seems a bit of a MASSIVE coincidence james can go fine during the streak tjhen when a big game comes after the streaks done he gets a minor injury…………..

  16. Ron says:

    Wow . . waste of a game

  17. Served says:

    I laughed out loud, well played Erik, well played.

    pop must be smiling at least aswell.

  18. HEATFORLIFE says:

    im a die hard heat fan, but atleast SPO shoud admit he just wants to rest his stars… and yes this is a CLEAR payback .. it is a very very stupid move.. and yeaah it comes from a heat fan

  19. Max says:

    Oh, it’s going to be so messed up if league doesn’t fine Heat for this. And as hard as I was against the whole Spurs fine situation – it’s just coming to applying same standards to all 30 teams.

  20. Dennis says:

    Yeah, right.

  21. mike says:

    damn we going to lose today.

  22. John says:

    Haha, how can you not love the NBA.. Your move Mr. Stern

  23. Rony says:

    This was definitely all planed out before time. Before the game.

  24. Tony says:

    I was hoping that Miami would rest its players just as the Spurs did earlier in the season. This is all about Gregg Pop trying to have video material on how the heat defends its team, so that if they meet in the finals, he’d have some good video footage on how to combat Miami’s defense and offensive schemes. This is the perfect move by Miami to sit James, Wade, and Chalmers.

  25. Arthur says:

    LOL! pay back time! So funny! Comm’on! Fans want to see this match!!!Miami just reasoning out for the injuries which is legally correct but they’re just messing Spurs for what they did last November!!!NBA has lost many fans for this game, I prepared not to watch this game anymore!

  26. Aaron M. says:

    We wanted to seem them play. We know this is not coincidental and these guys are ripping us (fans) for the moment.

  27. nbafanhere says:

    Hahahah. go bosh i guess.

  28. darqqing987 says:

    I call bullshit on that one. He’s just resting his superstars now that the steak is over and he’s already won the East.

  29. Ивайло says:

    Now the Heat must be fired $250,000

  30. Nehal says:

    Forever waiting for a real Heat-Spurs match-up

  31. Kevinsky says:

    LOL!! good thing i sold my tickets before the injuries were announced :)

  32. Aaron M. says:

    Let’s face it, the stars is what make the games rock, no LeBron, no D-Wade is like no game worth watching. I hope you guys fine them for this technical move. We (the fans) know this looks mighty fishy and it didn’t work for San Antonio. They are paid well by the community to show up.

  33. angelus says:

    Thanks for this. Now I decided what game to watch because of this. [ celtics vs knicks ]

  34. jimmy says:

    Yeah pop. I wanted to see the match up but what goes around comes around. I am not suprised that they pulled the same disgraceful move that you did. Next time pull you star player again the bobcats. Not against the power house teams

  35. Wow.... says:

    This is craaazzzyyy!! Regardless of what Spo says, he is doing this because of what Pop did! I wanted to see the two beats of the West and East battle it out (just like anyone else) and now I’m not getting that. Bosh needs to step up against Duncan and let him know that just because 2 out of the Big 3 are out, I can still score!!!

    I can see why he gave Wade and Chalmers a break but he sat LeBron in 4th at New Orleans because HE DID NOT NEED TO PLAY! He scored 28 in the first half alone!! Hamstring??? We all know that if LeBron really wanted to battle he would! So this must be an injury that has been bothering him for a while..

    Idk about you but I am really upset (sad) that I don’t get to see the Heat at FULL STRENGTH truly battle the Spurs. I’m a Heat fan and I wanna give them the win, but they are only gonna get that if Bosh asserts himself early!!!

  36. disappointed says:

    i don’t believe this.. are you kidding me?

  37. nclakerfan says:

    fine them like you did the spurs, its BS to say it isn’t related.

  38. Dom says:

    For the uninformed, remember earlier this season, the Spurs sat out all of its star players against the Heat (No Ginobilli, Parker, Duncan, or Leonard) and almost won that game. Pop was fined. I forgot what the amount was but it was hefty. I think the Heat did this fur retribution and to be jackasses. I wonder if Stern will fine them. We’ll just wait and see I guess.

  39. aaaaaa says:

    I’m going to assume that they are all “hurt” because San Antonio rested all their players last time they played. This is just a way to get around the fine

  40. JLin7 says:

    Clearly a retaliation on what the Spurs did earlier this season when Pop rested their best players.

  41. kraz says:

    spurs will smash heat 2nite and possibly in finals! atleast i hope!

  42. SmallF21 says:

    This is hilarious

  43. James says:

    Wow I can’t believe this Lebron wade in charmers are not playing unbelievable this is some crazy stuff still a player on Miami have to step up tonight still ……..LETS GO HEAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Dean says:

    When did they make the decision not to play these guys? Betting markets changed in a big way with the news.

  45. A clear jab says:

    hahahaha, so funny. Pop is THE man! I gotta say, the whole reason I clicked this link was because I immediately was reminded of Pop sitting his guys.

  46. Skitz says:

    Is David Stern going to fine Miami for letting Lebron rest his tweaked hamstring?

  47. noway says:

    funk outta here.. their playin us all..

  48. kobe says:

    Um. Erik. No. Hope you guys loose the east now. Trying to size up Pop. Thought you were better than that. smh

  49. Qayi says:

    I cant stand the spurs there horribe…

  50. Morten Lauridsen says:

    VERY FUNNY… I wonder if Miami will get fined, too. Fair is fair.

  51. Rolan says:

    You shittin’ me? 3 starters not starting? And it’s Miami?

  52. myth says:

    the only injuries miami has is a severe case of butt-hurt, and this is their idea of ‘revenge’ …
    and they probably wont get fined either, why would Stern fine his team?

  53. DT says:

    No fine proves Heat get favoritism and calls. Stop making it so obvious!!!

  54. Greg says:

    Spo will NOT be fined because he is entitled to rest players who are injured. Pop, on the other hand, sent Tony, Manu and Tim home to San Antonio without any reason other than he wanted to rest his players. Stern won’t fine the Heat!

  55. DT says:

    winners are supposed to win, stop using the win strak as an excuse “for a break”

  56. Dominicanpo says:

    The NBA fined the San Antonio Spurs $250000 for withholding key players in Thursday night’s game against the Heat. So Now I could ask, what is going to happend tonight with this game.

  57. Jimmy says:

    This is hilarious! It was so obvious this was going to happen if the streak was ended beforehand. Whether they are injured or not is debatable but still Pop can’t really be angry about it, Spo is just returning the favour.

  58. googergieger says:

    Will Miami get fined now? Well did Lebron get fined for criticizing the officials? No, he actually got the flagrant he wanted on the other team. But such is the way in the WWE. Wait what, this isn’t the WWE? This is supposed to be a sports organization that champions the team sport and treats everyone the same? No wait, it’s the NBA. Same thing as the WWE. Smh.

  59. MC Funk says:

    Home court advantages for finals is still on the line. Spo is trying to show he won’t take coach pops BS which is all well and good but he may be forgetting that their are bigger things at stake. Now I’d love to see Sours win in 7 in the Finals with every team winning at home. That will show why the spurs should be considered the greatest team since Bostons 9 of 11…..

  60. JK says:

    A lot of people are talking about Spo getting back at Pop or whatever. You guys need to realize where in the season we are. There are like 10 games left. It’s time to start resting your stars when you can, sitting them out of games if you think you have to. Resting star players in the middle of the season is different from resting star players at the end of the season. I would go so far as to say, it’s even expected to see stars resting this close to playoffs.

  61. yhanz says:

    the question is if the streak is on the line are they rest lbj,dwade.

  62. Vincent says:

    c’mon, this is just a childish move, i thought they would never get it back this way, especially not PRETENDING that they have injuried player, just not to get fined. Every team in the league has “day-by-day” players, but they play…Kobe is playing with a bone spur, even not-playoff teams play their stars when not 100%. But the league cannot make it a clear case of denying the fans to see a top plyers matchup, so no fine coming, for sure. And first of all, Spo’s goal is not to allow Pop to try out some defensive scheme on LeBron, Wade and the 3point shooters, it would be a no-shocker if these two teams meet again in june…

  63. That Dude says:

    The Heat won’t get fined b/c they are resting players at the right time as opposed to Pop “resting” in the beginning of the season. The Heat have what a 12 game lead in the East, I would rest them too since the streak is over with.

  64. Heat Fan says:

    Godd Job coach SPO. Getting back at the Spurs for what they did last november! Go Chris Bosh and Norris Cole.

  65. T-Run-G says:

    You guys are forgetting….the Miami Heat WILL NOT get fined, why? because he didnt sent dwade james, and chalmers back home. they’re still going to be there. Popovich sent 3 of their stars home, did not show up for the game. Do you guys really think the Heat organization with Pat Riley holding the reigns to make such an amateur move? get real. I would have loved to have seen this game as well, but I find it very comical of Erik to do back to the spurs. talk all you want, but there is a reason why you’re sitting behind a computer screen and not the head of a pro NBA organization.

  66. LebronKingOfNba says:

    heat will win this game. ^^

  67. 3ptdagger says:

    lol I knew this was going to happen. They may get fined too but at least they made their point. Stop screwing around to gain tactical advantage and just let the star players go at each other.

  68. jaydee says:

    The Heat players must still be in 3rd grade. Well, they started it! Somewhere Michael Jordan is laughing at the comparisons of Lebum and him. Great lessons you are teaching everyone!

  69. Joe says:

    If Heat lose this game (most likely) and the Spurs will overtake them to clinch the best record at the end of the reg season then coach Spo will definitely look stupid for resting his ‘ailing’ players.

  70. Annette says:

    This is so wrong. The Spurs played something like 10 games in a row and Pop wanted to rest his playes and he gets fined, This team lies because they want to get back at the Spurs so they dont’t have “The Queen” play and Wade. The sad thing about this is the Spurs almost beat them with their bench playsers. The Heat could’nt beat their way out of a paper bag. What are you guys afraid of. Grow some boys.

  71. josé machado says:

    250k for Miami, only that´s missing.
    You should not copy others, you must be original, only that way u´re recognized, poor imagination!

  72. qq says:

    250k fine anyone? I don’t mind sitting stars if needed, after all its about championship, but I expect NBA Commissioner to act “in the spirit of fair play” and fine Heat for that, as he did fine Spurs. Otherwise I would expect Spurs management to go ballistic and demand fine back or other form of compensation.

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