• With nobody on the Nets’ injury list, interim coach P.J. Carlesimo noted that the Nets were, “as healthy as we’ve been a long time.”
  • Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau said that Taj Gibson (left knee) would play and that the team would take a wait-and-see approach with Joakim Noah (right foot). If Noah goes through warm-ups well, he could start, although Thibodeau said there would be “some restrictions” on him if he played. Carlesimo said the Nets would play the same way regardless of whether or not Noah played. Thibodeau noted that the problem with Noah’s foot wasn’t pain during the game, but next-day soreness.
  • Asked if Derrick Rose would play, Thibodeau said, “I guess there’s always a chance.” Thibodeau said that Rose, whose game is predicated on explosive athleticism and cutting, needs to be able to take the final step in fully coming back.
  • Carlesimo called Game 1 a wildcard because there wasn’t a previous playoff game to react to.
  • Nets swingman Jerry Stackhouse smiled when asked if he was singing the National Anthem. “I heard a rumor like that was going on,” he said.

–Jake Appleman

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  1. disappointed:( says:

    First question. Why is D. Rose not playing? All great players look for opportunities to play when the team needs them the most. Example jordan with the flu. Second questions? How is D. Rose allowed not to play when he was cleared by medical staff, the spurs got fined for not playing there startes? Chicago Bulls will never go anywhere with players not having the drive, the will to win, or any desire to fight for a ring excluding naoh who played even thru injuries. Wait did Iman Shumpert not have the same injury and now he’s playing for his team and giging his all, doing whatever he can. Loyal fans come to united center dress as D. Rose from head to toe, spending loyal, hard earned money to see the Chicago Bulls play. Is it fair to tell Chicago fans,” hey there’s always next year. Players and fans all around would die for the chance to play and visit the Chicago arena. Somebody please tell me what are the Bulls front office expectations for each season we play. Do they enjoy losing year after year, or are we making more money dragging on the D. Rose story because that seems to be the only news about Chicago

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